Ancillary Hypnosis Support Services to the Medical Community

Hypnosis Services for Adults and Children

I successfully work with adults who have life-changing medical problems such as cancer, fatigue from chronic disease, pre-and-post chemotherapy effects, radiation, surgery, compromised immune systems, trauma, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and personal issues that have resisted other forms of Western medicine and intervention. I also successfully work with children for stress, anxiety, bad habits, bedwetting, bi-polar challenges, ADD, ADHD, fears, and other challenges.

2015 Complementary Hypnosis Sessions for Cancer Patients

St. Alexius Cancer Institute 6-7:45 pm 847 755 8400

April 2 Avoid the Common Thinking Patterns with Hypnosis

April 16 Hypnosis: Getting a New Perspective on Healing

April 30 Hypnosis and the Chakra System (Your Body’s Energy System)

May 7 Hypnosis and the Cycles of Chi (Energy): the Body Clock

May 21 Explore the Different Energy Systems Through Hypnosis

June 4 I Can Do It: Hypnosis Through the Storms in Our Lives

Alexian Cancer Institute: Life Enrichment Center, Elk Grove Village, IL 6-7:45 pm

April 9 What, Me Worry? Challenging the Usefulness of Worrying

April 23 How Pollution Affects Your Health

May 14 Step into Your Healing Power with Hypnosis: Mental Toughness

May 28 New Levels of Healing Through Hypnosis

Dr. Frer’s Hynosis Services for Children and Adults Include But Are Not Limited To:

I successfully work closely with physician and other members of the Ancillary Medical Community to offer hypnosis to clients under the care of their primary physician. If you have chronic and life-changing illness such as cancer and diabetes, a physician’s referral might be needed.

For Adults For Adults and Children For Children
Reduce Effects of Stress Learn How to Relax Controlling Constipation
Reduce Effects of Anxiety Eliminate Habits Reducing Test Anxiety
Reduce Effects of Fatigue Reduce Fears Reducing Gastrointestinal Disorders
Reduce Headaches Improve Sports Performance Reduce Bedwetting
Reduce Hypertension Eliminate Test Anxiety Improve Memory
Improve Artistic Ability Improve Body Shape Improve Concentration
Increase Self-Confidence Improve Memory Improving School Grades
Increase Self-Esteem Manage Pain Control Bipolar Conditions
Overcoming Worry Pre and Post Surgery Preparation  Pre and Post Surgery Preparation
Improve Immune System Exercise Motivation Improve Sports Performance
Reduce Procrastination Sleep Enhancement Surviving a Divorce


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