Healing and Recovery CD Series

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2017 Wellness Series:

Immune System

Hypnosis Pick 3


Relaxation Hypnosis

S Pain
Improve Memory and Learning
 Anxiety & Stress
Increase Your Metabolism
Motivate Yourself to Exercise
Say Goodbye to Cigarettes
End Restless Sleep
Say Goodbye to Disease
Increase Your Self-Esteem
Conquering Your Phobias
Headache/Migraine Relief

2016 List of Hypnosis CDs

Key: All Lecture CDs (30 to 40 minutes) and include a Support Induction and Script  (12 to 15 minutes)

Individual CDs vary in length from 12 minutes

to 40 minutes.


NEW LECTURE TOPICS 2017 (Lecture and Support CDs)

am Hypnosis to Start Your Day and pm Hypnosis to End Your Day

Overcome Your Self-imposed Limitations to Achieve Your Maximum Level of Health

Build Resilience to Bounce Back from Any Situation

How to Improve Your Immune System

Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Eliminate Bad Habits

Stepping into Your Power to Heal Using Hypnosis

Achieving a Healthy Body Image

Lecture CDs with Hypnosis Script*

How Color Affects Your Health ( Healthy Happy You)
Biofeedback: Progressive Relaxation
Making Positive Changes Using Hypnosis
50 minute Relaxation CD (50 minutes of total relaxation)
Biofeed-back Lecture with Hypnosis Experience
Migraine Lecture with Supporting CD
Chronic Illness with Supporting CD
Crossroads to Achieving Your Ideal Healthy Diet
Freeing Yourself of Excess Weight
Hypnosis and Habits
Holiday De-Stressing
Headache-Related Pain
Eliminate Worry
Eliminate Smoking Habits
Improve Body Image and Shape
Attract Positive Outcomes
Making Positive Changes
Mind-Body Healing
Magic Ball Relaxation
Pre-Post Surgical Preparation
Self-Hypnosis 4 week program
Self-hypnosis: Positive outcomes
Self-hypnosis–Sleep Soundly



Letting Go of Fear
Peace of Mind–Release Anxiety

Chakra Meditation
Chakra Balance: Seven Chakras
Healing Hands to Balance Chakras

Recent Holiday Stress & Depression
Eliminate Depression
Good Bye to Depression
Good Bye to Disease
Attacking Disease through Hypnosis
Disease Be Gone
Prevent Disease
Goodriddance to Disease
Use Self-Hypnosis to Reduce Chronic Illness

Stress Reduction Using Self Hypnosis
Stress Reduction
Holiday De-Stressing
Prescription to Reduce Stress
Relieve Stress
Use Hypnosis to Reduce Stress
Reduce Holiday Stress and Depression



Alleviation Headaches and Relief from Pain
Your Happy Head

Healthy Happy You
Visualize Yourself Healed

Feng Shui to Improve Your Health

Miscellaneous Titles

Managing Your Habits: Weight Loss
Non-smoking Transformation
Personal Success
Open Heart Meditation
Imagine Perfect Health
Increasing Your Metabolism
Boost Your Immune System
Nutrition and Detoxing
Use Hypnosis to Restore Health
Health Success (Motivation)
Your Happy Heart: Migraine

Immune System

Chronic Disease: Autoimmune System
Chronic Illness



Loving Kindness Meditation
Opening Your Heart

Balance and Relax
Bio-feedback Progressive Relaxation
Safety Shield
The Golden Light
Deep Relaxation
20 Minute Natural High
Healing Touch Meditation
Relax and Feel Great
Loving Kindness Meditation

Self Hypnosis

Hypnotize Yourself into Well Being
Your Self Hypnosis Session
Introduction to Self Hypnosis
Entering A State of Self Hypnosis


Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
Restless Sleep
Sleep Now

Special Titles

Attracting Positive Outcomes
Getting Things Done
High Road to Success
Inner Advisor
Re-energize Your Body
Making Appropriate Choices
Unlock Charisma
Creative Visualization
Persuasion and Enthusiasm
Getting Over a Relationship
Unlock Your Potential
Memory and Learning
Balancing Your Chakras
Introduction to Chakra Meditation
Attract Positive Outcomes
Achieve Balance in Your Life
Dealing with Difficult People
Creative Visualization
Sports Enhancement
Unlock the Universe Laws
Use Hypnosis to Restore Emotional


Diminish Pain
Pain Relief
Alleviating Headaches Related to Pain

Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis: I am a nonsmoker
Self-hypnosis: Sleep Soundly
Self-hypnosis: Relax and Feel Great
Self-hypnosis for Holistic Healing
Your Self-hypnosis
Introduction to Self-hypnosis
Enter Self-hypnosis

Self Love

Self Confidence
Ego Strengthening I
Self Love
Quick Phobia Cure


Dissolve Worries with Hypnosis

All  Hypnosis CDs are in groups of 3 and Lecture/Support CD (2) are  $25 USD

(rate includes shipping and tax)
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