Give Your Body a Fighting Chance – Building a Healthy Immune System

Hypnosis aids the immune system in maintaining overall good health and wellness while helping in prevention of many conditions.

One of the most important defenses of the body is its immune system. Without an effective immune system one can easily become infected with a number of viruses and hostile bacteria causing a wide variety of symptoms including colds, chronic illnesses, and severe infections. The goal of Hypnosis is to promote healing and to positively influence the body’s ability to heal itself.

Hypnosis research and its effects on the immune system show some positive findings.  Published studies show that Hypnosis is effective in improving overall immune function.  Study findings have suggested that Hypnosis enhanced health, lowered stress perceptions and relieved pain.

In studies of persons living with HIV, Hypnosis has been found to be helpful in reducing stress, improving spirituality  and creating a feeling of emotional well-being.

The effects of Hypnosis on the immune system of the body continue to emerge as testing procedures for determining immune function are included in more research studies.  At this point we know that the body’s immune system seems to be supported either directly or indirectly by Hypnosis – possibly through modulation of stress. Hypnosis supports overall health, wellness and healing in a variety of ways that we are only beginning to understand.

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