Hypnosis and Integrative Health Coaching Assists Children to Work Through Their Difficulties

Why would you bring your child to a qualified Hypnotist and Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and how do they help children work through their problems?

Today, many children encounter difficulties such as: stress, loss of self-esteem, problems in school, with studies, peers, improving grades, fear of the dark, fear of going to sleep, nightmares, stealing, dealing with divorce, death, illness, fear of doctors, dentists, fear of needles, abuse, ADHD, ADD, Bi-polar disorder, and a myriad of problems.

Children are very susceptible to hypnosis and integrative health and wellness coaching because they are open to new learning and have an ability to change. Children can be easily relaxed and focused. Working with children is my specialty, and it provides a wide variety of possibilities for effectively clarifying complicated issues and provides the opportunity to change the child’s imprint.

What happens in the first session with a child? An effective first session begins with an intake that deals with the parent’s concerns for the child, while honoring the child’s desires and needs. Information is gathered to determine how best to approach the child and his/her challenge(s).  The goal is to develop positive rapport with the parent and child and to answer any questions.  The child is then introduced to hypnosis through telling a story or creating metaphors, creating adventures that will lead them to a solution. A reinforcement CD is given to the child to support and strengthen the work done in the first session.

What happens in follow-up session?  If a child is brought in for any serious issue, hypnosis and health coaching provide endless possibilities to change or avoid an unpleasant situation, gratify unmet needs, remember the past, or invent the future. Children want to be happy, healthy, comfortable and successful. Hypnotherapy along with health and wellness coaching  are a powerful tool and help the child experience success, comfort and health.

Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness coaching are not something that is done to a child; it is something that the child does to and for himself/herself or allows to happen when he/she has set the goal he/she wishes to achieve.



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