Hypnosis removes obstacles to healing.

How can Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching helps you regenerate your cells and reorganize your atoms more quickly through interaction with your brain and body (mind and body connection), makes your body stronger and remove obstacles to healing and change?

We cannot think of the mind and body as separate. Study of the interaction between the mind, the nervious system, and the immune system show that they are instrinsically connected. There is no separation between body, mind, and emotions. All thoughts, feelings and physical events are encoded in the brain, brain chemistry, inflammation, muscle tension and circulations.

Hypnosis interfaces with the mind and body through the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind holds the programs that tell the body how to channel that energy–when to hold it in, when to let it out, how to coordinate a task, and how to heal onself. Hypnosis puts your mind and body in a hypnotic state conducive to healing, your cells repair, your immune system strengthens, and physical symptoms are reduced.

Diseases are ways to tell us what the unconscious mind remembers what our consciousness has ignored. When these messages come to awareness through Hypnosis, it allows the body to be released from having to hold that message. Tension or disease is then free to dissolve, as the healing energy finds new and healthier pathways.

Do you realize that every cell in your body regenerates every seven years and that in any year 98% of the atoms making-up your body are replaced. Hypnosis assists you in repairing your cells, strengthening your immune system and reducing your physical symptoms of illness. Contact Dr. Denise Frer for more information.



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