Improving Life and Health by Making Positive Changes Using Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching

As I am regularly seeing clients, it became clear to me that all clients need to improve the way they take care of themselves. That meant they each had to take responsibility to follow through in all the different areas of self-care they needed. They had to reprioritize their lives to put themselves and their health first.

All change requires the giving up, surrender, whether it be a habit, belief system or life style. The first step in the transformation of your life or health is to set a very clear and firm positive intent. If you desire to accomplish something and have a belief in what is desired, then you can be successfully helped through hypnosis to stop unhealthy habits, reduce anxiety, stress, anger, side effects of disease, depression, inhibitions, and other challenges that prevent you from maintaining a healthy life style.

Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching has successful techniques to present new positive thoughts or ideas in such a subtle manner that they will be accepted willingly by the mind without rejection. When a powerful positive suggestion or idea is suggested through hypnosis, it is more readily accepted. When a positive thought, idea, or suggestion is accepted by the mind, it is automatically and immediately stored in the brain’s memory bank to be acted upon by direction.

In summary, by means of hypnosis techniques and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, the complete focusing of attention and elimination of outside factors–the subject’s mind and body make a connection to make new positive physical and or psychological images to improve life and health. Contact Dr. Denise Frer at 708 431 2816 for more information.


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