About Dr. Frer, Integrative Health and Wellness Coach


Dr. Frer is a Duke University Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and Consulting Medical Hypnotherapist at 115 Wilke Road, Suite 101A , Arlington Heights, IL 60005 (708 431 2816 or drdenisefrer@gmail.com) (View my profile in Linkedin)  

Dr. Frer partners with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changed, aligned with their values to promote health and wellness to promote a belief in their capacity for change and ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental. 708 431 2816 Free 15 minute information consultation on Dr. Frer’s health and wellness programs.

  • Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. I have a Masters Degree and Doctor of Adult Education from National-Louis University, Evanston, Illinois with an expertise in developing criterion-reference tests, improving test and academic performance and removing blocks to creativity and health for client
  • Graduate Duke University Integrative Health and Wellness Coach Program
  • Served as the Alexian Brothers Medical System’s manager of physician continuing medical education and assisted physicians and allied medical staff with rapidly changing medical information. I established the Hypnosis and Energy Medicine Clinic within the Cancer Institutes of Amita-St. Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates and Amita-Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village where I serve as an adjunct and complement to conventional medical care professionals.
  • Graduate of a state-licensed hypnotism school and has advanced training in Guided Imagery such as pre-and-post surgery trauma, infertility trauma, improving concentration, improving test performance, improving mental and physical performance, and relief of pain and side effects from medical treatments.
  • Advanced training in regression therapy from The Holistic Healing Center, New York (Michael Newton, PhD.) which is successfully used to find the underlying set of emotions to be discharged for physical and emotional problems such as sleep disorders and disturbances, post-trauma anxiety, grief and loss, pain, and life transitions.
  • Certified Life Between Lives Therapist with the Michael Newton Institute, New York , and I devote a portion of my private hypnotherapy practice to helping people access their higher spiritual selves. Life Between Lives therapy allows clients to discover how past life experience uncover a more meaningful immortal soul existence between lives.
  • Practice Holographic Memory Resolution® which is a non-traumatizing body-mind technique to access past memories and facilitate complete resolution of the painful emotions associated with these events without having to re-live the experiences. The trauma survivor becomes his/her own healer.
  • Practice Cell Healing Therapy. This technique is communication with the affected cells and healing is triggered and health is rejuvenated through Theta Advanced Intuitive Anatomy Healing.