Welcome to Integrative Health Coaching

Welcome to Integrative Health Coaching! Integrative Health Coaching is not just about your physical well-being, it is also about you as a whole person: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment and life purpose. Through the coaching process, clients typically reach various goals, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. I use reporting, exploring and a consistent commitment to action to move forward. This proactive working relationship will accelerate your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. 

Improving Life and Health by Making Positive Changes Using Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching

As I am regularly seeing clients, it became clear to me that all clients need to improve the way they take care of themselves. That meant they each had to take responsibility to follow through in all the different areas of self-care they needed. They had to reprioritize their lives to put themselves and their health first.

All change requires the giving up, surrender, whether it be a habit, belief system or life style. The first step in the transformation of your life or health is to set a very clear and firm positive intent. If you desire to accomplish something and have a belief in what is desired, then you can be successfully helped through hypnosis to stop unhealthy habits, reduce anxiety, stress, anger, side effects of disease, depression, inhibitions, and other challenges that prevent you from maintaining a healthy life style.

Hypnosis and Integrative Health Coaching Assists Children to Work Through Their Difficulties

Why would you bring your child to a qualified Hypnotist and Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and how do they help children work through their problems?

Today, many children encounter difficulties such as: stress, loss of self-esteem, problems in school, with studies, peers, improving grades, fear of the dark, fear of going to sleep, nightmares, stealing, dealing with divorce, death, illness, fear of doctors, dentists, fear of needles, abuse, ADHD, ADD, Bi-polar disorder, and a myriad of problems.

Hypnosis removes obstacles to healing.

How can Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching helps you regenerate your cells and reorganize your atoms more quickly through interaction with your brain and body (mind and body connection), makes your body stronger and remove obstacles to healing and change?

We cannot think of the mind and body as separate. Study of the interaction between the mind, the nervious system, and the immune system show that they are instrinsically connected. There is no separation between body, mind, and emotions. All thoughts, feelings and physical events are encoded in the brain, brain chemistry, inflammation, muscle tension and circulations.

Give Your Body a Fighting Chance – Building a Healthy Immune System

Hypnosis aids the immune system in maintaining overall good health and wellness while helping in prevention of many conditions.

One of the most important defenses of the body is its immune system. Without an effective immune system one can easily become infected with a number of viruses and hostile bacteria causing a wide variety of symptoms including colds, chronic illnesses, and severe infections. The goal of Hypnosis is to promote healing and to positively influence the body’s ability to heal itself.

Reversing the Effects of Long-Term Depression and Anxiety

Hypnosis has been shown to decrease the effects of long-term depression as well as the anxiety and depression often brought on by illness and even medical procedures.

Anxiety and depression are very common in today’s global society. The effects of these disorders can create personal, family, and community hardship.  Hypnosis helps alleviate some of that suffering. For example, in a research study with heart patients Hypnosis was shown to reduce anxiety when used prior to a hospital procedure.

Relieving Symptoms of Chronic Illness and Taking Back Control of Your Life

Hypnosis can be an effective complementary therapy to help in the management of chronic conditions and diseases that cannot be cured. In the management of these conditions conventional health care is supplemented or enhanced with the use of Hypnosis which works to help facilitate the body’s own natural pattern of defense and healing.

Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Improves the Quality of Life

Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching is used as a psychological and physical treatment for a variety of illnesses with success. The hypnotic suggestions and coaching techniques are used to enhance relaxation and promote mental, emotional and physical health, and therefore have a positive contribution to the overall quality of care and of life. For example, hypnosis has been used effectively in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, persistent nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, and anticipatory nausea experienced by cancer patients who receive chemotherapy. Hypnotic suggestions have been observed to speed the healing of burns and wounds. Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching provides an opportunity to focus on health issues and make positive changes in behavior, health and how to incorporate these to achieve optimal  health and wellness. Clients develop a personal health plan that is incorporated into their lives.