Dr. Denise Frer, CH (Consulting Hypnotist and Health and Wellness Coach)



115 S. Wilke Road, Suite 101A I, Arlington Heights, IL 60005 708 431 2816

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with a doctorate in Education who specializes in Health and Wellness Coaching with clients who have life-changing medical problems and personal challenges that have resisted other forms of intervention. I am known for my work with children who need assistance with concentration, grades, reading, focus, pain, self-confidence, sleep habits, relaxation, self-esteem, study habits, sports improvement, ADD, ADHD, picking, wetting and holding, and bipolar conditions. I am also know for my work with adults who have chronic health issues such as pain, cancer, anxiety, stress, and other health conditions that prevent them from achieving their maximum level of health. I work in conjunction with medical professionals to improve the health of their patients. You can reach me at drdenisefrer@gmail.com.

NEW to my practice is Health and Wellness Coaching to create with clients a coaching agreement that includes practice-specific processes to establish their goals that lead to long lasting changes in their health, wellness and well-being.

My private office is at 115 S Wilke Road, Suite 101A I, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. and I work in conjunction with the Amita-Alexian Brothers Hospital Network at Amita- Alexian Brothers Medical Center,  Elk Grove Village and  Amita-St. Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates. To benefit from my services you need to be located in the Chicago area.

If I can be helpful to you, feel free to contact me through voice mail at 708 431 2816 or Email me at drdenisefrer@gmail.com.  See the About My Practice section for more information on my practice.