Dr. Frer’s 2018-19 Hypnosis and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Services

New Office Location: 115 Wilke Road, Suite 101A, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, 708 431 2816 drdenisefrer@gmail.com

I partner with clients (adults and children)  seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and enhance well-being. I am unconditionally positive and believe that my clients can change. I honor that each client is an expert on his or her life and that together we can work together respectfully and non-judgmentally to promote positive health and wellness. 

Complimentary 15 minute Telephone Consultation Appointment: 1) Hypnosis and Coaching services explained; 2) Explore motivation and assess readiness for change; 3) Information on creating a coaching agreement that includes roles, expectations, practice-specific processes, fees, and frequency, mode and length of sessions.

15 minute phone (cell) consultation on Health and Wellness Coaching 708 431 2816


I work with children and adults who desire to make positive change in health behaviors, personal health planning. I also work with adults and children who have life-changing medical problems such as cancer, fatigue from chronic disease, pre-and-post chemotherapy effects, radiation, surgery, compromised immune systems, trauma, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and personal issues that have resisted other forms of Western medicine and intervention. I also work with children who have challenges such as bed wetting and holding, picking, text anxiety, self esteem, nail biting, increase focus (ADD, ADHD), improve sports performance, nightmares, stress and emotions, study habits, surviving a divorce and more.


As a Duke University Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, I work closely with physicians and other members of the Ancillary Medical Community to offer clinical medical hypnosis and integrative health and wellness coaching to clients under the care of their primary physician. If you have chronic and life-changing illness such as cancer and diabetes, a physician’s referral might be needed. drdenisefrer@gmail.com

November and December 2018 Relax and Feel Great Hypnosis Complementary Workshop Schedule

Complementary CD provided at each session.

Amita-St. Alexius Cancer Institute, Hoffman Estates, IL 6-7:45 pm 847 755 8400

November 7, 2018 15 Using your Chakras (energy centers) to heal. Complimentary Chakra Bracelet and Hypnosis CD

December 5 2018   Give Yourself the Gift of Health (Create a crystal healing circle necklace

December 19, 2018 What does your horoscope have to do with your health? Find out from a horoscope expert.

Amita-Alexian Cancer Institute/The Life Enrichment Center, Elk Grove Village, IL 6 to 7:45 pm 844 952 HOPE

November 14, 2018      Hypnosis Techniques to measure and reduce fatigue, low stamina, vitality and lack of energy. Complimentary CD provided

November 28, 2018     Identify Your Greatest Obstacles to Overcoming Illness. Health Assessment provided..  Complimentary CD provided

December 12, 2018 Create your own healing color palette


The information in this questionnaire is for educational purposes only. None of the information is intended to replace any information provided by your trusted medical professionals. 

The following is a sample of common limiting beliefs many people have that affect their physical, emotional, and mental health. Review and write down all the ones that apply to you and are manifested in patterns in your life today–affecting your happiness, health, relationships or success. Contact Dr. Frer for a free analysis of you choices. 708 431 2816

____ I know how and when to say NO

____ I am not heard

____I am angry

____ I am miserable

____ I am overwhelmed

____ I have issues with any of the following: bacteria, fungus, mold and sensitivity to chemicals

Are you currently having any issues with bacteria or viruses?

____ I have a problem with my bones

____ I have a shoulder challenge

____ I have a lower back issue

____ I have arthritis

____ I have to suffer

____ I feel rejected

____ I carry the weight of my life on my shoulders

____ I live with anager

____ I live with depression

____ I have a neck problem

____ I feel overburdened

Are you currently having any issues related to your Skeletal System?

____ I have an issue with one of the following: pituitary gland, thyroid gland, ovaries, testes

____ I don’t know how to relax

____ I am angry

Are you currently having any issues related to your Endocrine System?

____ I don’t feel safe and protected

____ I am angry

____ I feel guilty

____ I live with resentment

____ I am frustrated with my life

Are you currently having any issues with your Digestive System?

____ I live with regret

____ I don’t know how to live in joy

____ I don’t know how to forgive

____ I am sad

____ I have breathing problems

____ I have respiratory problems

Are you currently having any problems with your Respiratory System?

____ I don’t know how to say NO

____ I don’t know how to deal with confrontation

____ I never assert myself

____ I don’t know how to interact with others

Are you currently having any issues with your Circulatory System?

____ I harbor resetment

____ I harbor old anger

____ I have bladder issues

Are you currently having any issues with your Lymph and Immune System

____ I always have to be right

____ I always have to be strong

____ I always have to be flexible

____ I don’t know how to rest

____ I am not physically strong

____I feel an aging problem

Are you currently having any issues with your muscles, tendons and ligaments?

____ I have anxiety

____ I struggle with the process of life

Are you currently having any issues with your Autonomic Nervous System?

____ I self sabotage myself

____ I live my life with discouragement

____ I don’t have hope

____ I don’t know how to have clarity

Are you currently having any problems with your skin, hair or nails?

____ I don’t know how to take action

____ I overanalyze

____ I have a fear of the future

Are you currently having any issues with your eyes?


Dr. Frer’s Hypnosis-Coaching Services for Adults and Children Include But Are Not Limited To:

Anxiety Management Achieving Success/ADHD/ADD/Autism Arthritis (Pain)
Back Problems (Pain) Colitis Constipation/Bedwetting
Cancer Treatment Side Effects Diabetes Fertility
Fatigue Fears Gastrointestinal Disorders
Headaches Heart Problems High Blood Pressure
Hypertension Hysteria Improve Memory
Improve Artistic Ability Improve Athletic Ability Improve Concentration
Increase Self-Confidence Improve Recall Improving School Grades
Increase Self-Esteem Losing Weight/Smoke Cessation Past Life Regression/Life Between Lives Regression
Overcoming Worry Pain Management Pre and Post Surgery
Improve Immune System Exercise Motivation Improve Well-being
Stress Management Sleep Enhancement Relieving Tension