Here’s what some of my clients have to say about my hypnosis and integrative health and wellness coaching practice:

“I was at a point after many years of pain and the emotional trauma from physical ailments. Dr. Frer gave me my life back. Through hypnosis and integrative health and wellness coaching I feel like a new person and everyone sees the difference in my healing. I will always be grateful for all she has done.” S-Elmhurst

“After learning that I was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn’t function–I couldn’t work.” After my first hypnosis treatment with Dr. Frer, I knew that with Dr. Frer’s compassion and understanding and hypnosis sessions that I could heal. I have completed my surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. I feel confident that my healing will continue. Thank you Dr. Frer.” Karen-Hoffman Estates

“Dr. Frer treats the whole person. She treated my restless sleep, chronic pain and a number of issues. Over a brief time, she has led me to become healthy for the first time in years. I sleep well and able to monitor and reduce my pain through self hypnosis. Thank you Dr. Frer” Robert R

“Dr. Frer is a compassionate and caring person and an outstanding hypnosis and integrative health and wellness coach. For the past several years, I regularly receive holistic healing sessions with Dr. Frer. She cares about my well being and take the time to explain her holistic approach to healing. I recommend Dr. Frer to my patients.” Dr. T,  Oncologist

“Life Between Lives Regression was an opportunity to enter the Spirit World and discover the root cause of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges in my current life.”

Kim, Continuing Medical Education Manager

“Past Life Regression was so powerful and gave me insights as to why I am in this life.”

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

“Hypnosis was a magnificent experience utilized by a very committed and knowledgeable practitioner. Bravo! This is a great complement to a wellness program.”

Beth H

"Hypnosis took away pain and nausea. It helped me gain confidence in my own healing. It also took away my headaches. It is very relaxing and comforting. Thank You!!!"

St Alexius Cancer Patient

A double mastectomy was performed o nM and she asked me to provide a post surgery Hypnosis sessions. M said, "All pain on the left and right sides is gone, and I have zero pain."

M Cancer Patient